Polymer Clay

Here at The Crafty Kitten we are a leading supplier of Fimo and Cernit polymer clay.

Many users of polymer clay in the UK will have used Fimo but Cernit clay isn't as common.

Fimo is a long established brand, in fact I used Fimo when I first came across polymer clay about 30 years ago.

Fimo comes in a range of colours and effects including

  • Fimo for Kids - a softer clay that comes in individual blocks and kits - I've also found that this clay also works for people who have problems with their hands such as arthritis as it's softer and easier to condition, although it's more difficult to get fine detail;
  • Fimo Soft and Effects - a slighter harder clay in a wide range of colours that is also available in sets of colours ;
    • translucent;
    • pastels;
    • glitter; and
    • stone effects;
  • Fimo Professional - a clay that is designed for professional use that comes in many colours ; and
  • Fimo Doll Art - a range that is designed for doll makers and comes in several skin based colours.

Some people find that the soft and effects range is slightly more difficult to condition than the Cernit ranges although that's a personal thing and I find that this is about the only difference between the two ranges.

Cernit is one of the strongest clays and is easily conditioned.

There are many colours available

  • 43 standard colours (the Number 1 range);
  • 19 pearlescent colours (the Glamour range);
  • 6 neon colours;
  • 6 "nature" colours (stone effects);
  • 6 "translucent" colours;
  • 6 "shiny" colours (heavily laden with fine mica particles); and
  • 7 colours specially formulated for dolls, these doll clays have a slightly translucent and porcelin type finish.

As you might expect, you can mix the colours within each range to produce custom colours and you can also mix Fimo and Cernit clays to produce even more colours.

As well as the full range of 56/57g blocks of clays, I also stock a range of tools, extruders, moulds, varnishes, liquid "deco gel", softener and mica powders made specifically for polymer clay.

You can buy any of these items from my shop here in Llanrwst, or I can send them out to you - please ask me for the cost of postage.

If you have any questions at all about the polymer clay or associated items I have for sale, please don't hesitate to contact me.