Paracord Items

Are you an "Outdoors" type, a dog walker or even need some cord while out and about?

Survival Bracelets

We have a range of colourful survival bracelets in stock made of military grade paracord, these cost as little as £4.99. Each bracelet is made of about 3.1m of cord that can be unwound to give you a length of cord that is made of the same type of nylon cord that has been used in parachutes since WW2.

If you search on-line for uses of paracord bracelets you can find pages listing 100's of possible uses, to be honest many of these are a little far-fetched here in north Wales but some of the more relvant uses are :

  • As a boot lace or belt;
  • To tie something to your backpack;
  • As an emergency lead or collar for your dog;
  • As a temporary rein/lead-rope for your horse;
  • To hang tools from your belt;
  • Replace a broken bra strap;
  • As a clothes line;
  • Tying stuff down to stop it blowing away in a storm;
  • As a childs rein while walking in the hills;
  • To tie down a car boot lid if the lock stops working (remember to get the lock repaired as soon as possible); and
  • Many, many other uses.

Paracord Books

We also have a small range or books showing you how to create your own items out of paracord. These items can then be used as survival items or as decorative ones.

Please note that we can not be held responsible for any "mishaps or injuries" arising from your use of the cord in emergency situations - it is your own responibility to make sure that what you are doing is safe/

To find out more, call into the shop or contact us via our contact form.

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