Custom Orders

Have a Custom Order Handmade - Just For You

Sometimes you need a special item, maybe for Christmas, a birthday or even just because you want to treat someone.

In the past I've made a wide range of custom orders, usually either in polymer clay or crocheted although I've been known to make items in other materials as well.

For example, I've made models of

  • Cars;
  • Wolves;
  • Caricatures of people in various poses;
  • A penguin in a boat;
  • Dragons (both in clay and crocheted), including a surfing dragon;
  • Sheep;
  • Wedding and birthday cake toppers;
  • Chameleons;
  • 3D interpretations of business logos; and
  • many, many more.

There are obivously times when I am busier than others, for example I often have to close my order book for Christmas in October but if you would like to find out more about what I can make or to get an idea of the cost please contact me using my contact form or, if it's easier my Facebook page, you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of having a custom order hand made for you.

**Please bear in mind that each of my items is a genuine "one of a kind" and as such, although I will try to replicate any requests as closely as possible, there will be subtle differences between any pictures on the website and the finished product you will receive.**