The Kitten's Whiskers

The Kitten's Whiskers range is made up of my more involved, larger or bespoke models.

Sometimes you want a special model for that special day or person, this is where my Kitten's Whiskers range comes into play. Every model in this range is made with extra love and care and can take several days to make.

For example there is Merlin the Dragon - this little chap stands about 6 1/2 inches high, a "replica" of Merlin would cost you in the region of £75 plus postage but will be a very limited edition (there is currently only one in existence and that one will keep living with me).

Then there is Dillon the Bunny - as you can see he is a friendly chap sitting holding an Easter egg - how he doesn't eat the egg I'll never know. Dillon is currently looking for a new home at a price of just £45 (plus postage).

While I was writing this page I heard a cough from one of the shelves in the shop - it was Rebecca, a sleeping fairy, who wanted to remind me to include her and her sisters on the page as they are also looking for a new home where they can work their magic (sadly their magic doesn't include the dusting).

I also make items to order - for example recently I've made cats, dogs (both as pet portraits and also as pet memorials) and even personalised wedding horseshoes - if you would like to find out more about what I can make or to get an idea of the cost for a one-off model please contact me using my contact form or, if it's easier my Facebook page.

**Please bear in mind that each of my items is a genuine "one of a kind" and as such, although I will try to replicate any requests as closely as possible, there will be subtle differences between any pictures on the website and the finished product you will receive.**