Welcome to The Crafty Kitten

The Crafty Kitten is owned and run by me, Nikki Edwards - to find out more about me personally please check out my Bio page. The reason for this website is that I am making an ever growing range of products, including home-made candles of varying shapes, sizes, and types, Polymer clay "one-of-a-kind" (aka "OOAK") model of dragons, fairies and mermaids - all of which make unusual, affordable and memorable gifts.

Each polymer clay model, whether dragon, mermaid or fairy, comes with its own birth certificate which is also your certificate of authenticity that your model is a genuine "one of a kind" piece. Although I make pieces in the same colour schemes, no two are ever quite the same, with subtle differences to their postures and facial expressions bringing them to life.

As well as polymer clay models, I do a number of ranges in polymer clay, including jewelry, bag/phone charms, photo/memo holders, and ring keepers. This website contains samples of my work and will allow you to place orders for any of the items on the site or for special orders where you can specify the colours and, in some cases, the poses of the polymer clay models. As well as allowing you to order any of my other crafts (and ask for whatever personalization you need that is available for that product).

Currently, my work is available via my craft and gift shop in Llanrwst, via mail order (simply fill out my contact form, letting me know what you would like to order, the basic pose you would like, and any specific colours or other instruction you may require), via Facebook, or at the craft shows that I attend around my local area - I also have an "online store" which allows you to purchase raw craft materials directly from this website. To find out which of the craft fairs I will be attending please check my diary page.

For more information on the products I provide, and to see examples of the work I have done to date, please check the relevant pages on the website. All the product pages can be found on the right hand side, on the "Products" clip.

Please try to bear in mind that each of my items is a genuine "one of a kind" and as such, although I will do must best try to replicate any requests as closely as possible, there will always be subtle differences between any pictures of the items on the website and the finished product you will receive.

If you have any questions at all about any of my products, please don't hesitate to contact me.